Rashmi Poddar

Software Developer


I am a software developer with experience in building full stack web apps using frameworks like React-Redux, Angular, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Knex. I work primarily with Javascript and Python.

I enjoy solving problems, reading and quilling. Having lived in Nepal, India, and now, the US, I have learnt to adapt to diverse situations.


  • Javascript
  • Python
  • React | Redux
  • Node.js | Express
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SQL
  • MongoDB


These are some of my recent projects. Please check out my other work here.

Market Avenue Home Page

Market Avenue

An e-commerce platform for artisan food vendors and customers

Built using the MERN stack - React, Context API, Node, MongoDB, Mongoose, Sass

Primary contributor to the front end. Integrated maps using the Google Maps Javascript API. Implemented Context API and useReducer hook for state management. Designed the database schema with team members.

Backend code example

Potluck Planner

A web app to organize potluck parties

Built using Node.js, SQLite & PostreSQL

Designed and implemented a restful API with CRUD functionalities. Tested server functionality using Jest and Supertest. Authenticated users using JSON webtokens.

One Line A Day Marketing Page

One Line a Day

The app version of a 10 year journal to record feelings and accomplishments

Built using HTML & LESS

Designed and built a marketing page using HTML. Styled the page using LESS for an awesome visual experience. Modeled the webpage to be responsive.